Join us @ LAK23 : Workshop on SRL

Our colleagues Dr. Mladen Rakovic , Dr Xinyu Li and Prof. Dragan Gasevic from the Monash University, Australia together with our collaborators Prof. Roger Azevedo, PhD students Megan and Daryn from University of Central Florida will be conducting an interactive workshop on measuring and facilitating self-regulated learning (SRL) at LAK 2023. More details can be obtained from the following website:


Prior research has shown that SRL skills are essential for successful life-long learning. Measuring SRL based on unobtrusive trace data and facilitating SRL based on real-time analysis. Such trace data have been pointed out as very valuable research directions. However, major challenges and significant gaps in this area are still many, such as i) the detection, measurement, and validation of SRL processes with trace data is still a much-debated issue within the SRL community; and ii) the design principles for effective interventions and the complex conditions and contexts when these interventions facilitated learning are still not known.

Therefore, we aim to improve the measurement and facilitation of SRL by hosting this full-day workshop, which will:

  1. initiate a project-to-project level dialogue to foster deep, cross-team collaborations and
  2. provide the participants with hands-on opportunities to experience the measurement and facilitation of SRL.


From a research perspective, this workshop aims to: i) increase awareness of how tools and data channels can be combined to measure SRL; ii) elicit new approaches for detecting, measuring, and analysing SRL; iii) understand how combining student data and artificial intelligence can be used to create actionable insights into students’ learning; iv) design new representations/forms of communicating SRL scaffolding, dashboards, or feedback to facilitate learning.

From the participants’ perspective, we expect to: i) improve the knowledge and skills of participants about SRL measurement, learning processes, and SRL support; ii) produce a repository of new requirements, considerations and approaches of instruments for SRL; iii) build a research community, foster partnerships, and facilitate deployment of similar tools and analytics platforms as collaborative projects; and iv) explore opportunities for joint publications (e.g., a journal special issue), grants, and future workshops resulting from the collaborations.

More specifically, we have two objectives different from other workshops or research tracks in LAK23:

  • Initiate a project-to-project level dialogue to foster deep, cross-team collaboration. By bringing together three of our SRL-related significant projects that measure and facilitate SRL following different analytic approaches, we aim to further promote research and practice that looks at SRL from a more comprehensive dimension of context, compared to single studies.
  • Provide hands-on opportunity to experience the measuring and facilitating of SRL. Participants will also explore a learning analytic project and platform (developed and led by organizers, project name hidden for review) integrated with various instrumentation tools and personalised scaffoldings, and they will be able to explore their own multi-channel data and codesign possible SRL-related scaffoldings and feedback representations for learners and instructors.

Places are limited.

Registration for our workshop can be completed via the LAK 2023 website: