Advancing Student Support through Personalised Scaffolds

About FLoRA

Learning to learn” – the ability to monitor and productively adapt one’s learning process – is a key competence formulated by the European Parliament (2006) and increasingly a central focus of education. Prior research has shown that self-regulated learning (SRL) leads to better learning performance.

This research collaboration will research how to advance support given to students by: i) improving unobtrusive data collection and machine learning techniques to gain better measurement and understanding of SRL-processes and ii) using these new insights to facilitate student’s SRL by providing personalized scaffolds.

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Recent News

We are presenting at AERA2022
Our colleague, Dr. Yizhou Fan from the University of Edinburgh ...
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Join us @ LAK22
We are delighted to announce that we have two full ...
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New publication in “Frontiers in Psychology”
Our paper “Temporal Assessment of Self-Regulated Learning by Mining Students’ ...
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Join us at the EARLI 2021 Conference!
We hold our inaugural FLoRA symposium: “New Ways of Measuring, ...
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