Successful SRL workshops conducted by the Flora Team

The Flora Team organised two workshops in the past few months to provide a platform for enthusiastic SRL researchers to examine existing self-regulated learning related work and further investigate how they can augment current techniques about instrumentation, measurement, analytics and feedback associated with SRL. Additionally, these workshops have facilitated (i) the commencement of inter-project level discussions aimed at promoting cross-team collaborations, and (ii) endowing the participants with practical opportunities for experiencing the assessment and promotion of SRL.

The first workshop was held during EC-TEL 2022, on the 13th September 2022, in Toulouse , France. A total of 16 participants attended our session. More details about the workshop can be accessed from:

Here are some pictures taken at the ECTEL 2022 workshop:

The second workshop was held during LAK2023 on the 14th March 2023, in Arlington, Texas, USA. A total of 27 participants attended our session. More details of the workshop can be accessed at:

Check out some pics from the LAK23 workshop:

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